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We are continually acquiring wonderful and rare original antiques and implements US Light-House Establishment, Life-Saving Service, Revenue Cutter Service and U. The men who ventured into 60-foot seas in the little 36-foot CG36500 motor lifeboat to rescue the tanker crews showed what heroism really is. Using over 400 rare photos from the Library of Congress and other historic sources, the authors provide a station by station look at the architectural features that make them such a unique and unforgettable piece of our history.

How this all came about, and the story of life at Cape Cod small boat stations in the 1950s, is a tale well worth reading and a tribute to Coast Guardsmen everywhere.

Originally operated by Nazi Germany to train cadets for the German Navy, the ship was taken by the United States as a war prize after World War II. embody centuries of development in the shipbuilder's art. There are two full-length steel decks with a platform deck below.

Coast Guard crew – aided by the German crew still on board – sailed the tall ship from Bremerhaven to its new homeport in New London, Connecticut.

Upper class trainees exercise leadership and service duties normally handled by junior officers, while underclass trainees fill crew positions of a junior enlisted person, such as helm watches at the huge wooden wheels used to steer the vessel.

Everyone who trains on under sail, the crew must handle more than 22,000 square feet of sail and five miles of rigging.

Over 200 lines control the sails and yards, and every crew-member, cadet and officer candidate, must become intimately familiar with the name, operation, and function of each line.

We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than by mail. They both broke in two on the morning of February 19th with 84 half-frozen men marooned on the battered hulks. Filling a longtime void in the chronicles of the Life-Saving Service, this book is the result of two decades of research by these highly respected maritime historians. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Troopers and residents gathered for the first ever Coast Guard Ball in celebration of the 227th birthday of the Coast Guard at The Windjammer ballroom on NSGB Aug. Beginning with the presentation of the colors, those in attendance stood proudly as two JTF GTMO Troopers sang our national anthem before the posting of the colors, followed by the invocation, a moment of silence for the remembrance table and finally a brief history of the Coast Guard battle streamers. Planning for the ball began earlier in the year, and as anything of this type of importance it would take a bit of time to put into place, but with the help of many others bringing their ideas to life the coast guardsmen of the Maritime Security Detachment were able to make the first ever ball in celebration of its 227th birthday a success. Southern Command, addressed the crowd of the achievements made organizing the ball and how impressed he was with the effort put into it.The common interest will help make dating easier and more effective.Over the years, Military Friends has experienced tremendous success in bringing military singles and their admirers together.

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