Current recordset does not support updating access

MS Access), RDO was used to interface with large databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.

ADO was their replacement to interface with all types of data sources.

A Dynaset is temporary set of data from one or more tables. Like a table, a Dynaset is updatable if file is not locked or open for read only. Using any of the Move methods above (Move First, Move Last, Move Next, or Move Previous) will cause an error if the recordset has no records. Failure to test for these conditions means your code works for most cases, but generates an error one day when the last/first record is accessed.

To avoid the error we need to test if there is a record before using any of the Move methods by using these methods: Function Find Record Count(str SQL As String) As Long Dim db As Database Dim rst Records As Recordset Set db = Current Db Set rst Records = db. Code: Use this construct for looping through Access recordsets: Always test for No Match after using Seek or a Find method(Find First, Find Last, Find Next, Find Previous).

Later Microsoft released upgrades to MDAC as web-based redistributable packages.

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If you do not test for No Match, your code will appear to work until you strike a case where the find fails.

Both DAO and ADO are commonly used while connecting to Microsoft Access Database.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Databases using DAO, RDO and ADO Objects ADO Objects & Programming model Connecting to a Data Source, viz.

It is not uncommon to find that one set of ADO command works against one database, but not another.

This is definitely one of the frustrations of working with ADO. In this document, the code that you should type in the Interactive window, or into your scripts, is shown in blue like this: ADO comprises several objects.

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