Dating in the dark billy and chelsea still together

OK, so the new video is of the pair working out in the gym, but it prompted Boyega to reveal his thoughts on the potential romance."I posted a video the other day of myself working out, skipping, and in the background Oscar is just like, 'Yeah baby go on' and people just went crazy," he said.

People Really, Really Loved The Green Ranger Jason David Frank was everyone's favorite, the Green Ranger (and later, the White Ranger).

UPDATE: JJ Abrams has spoken out for the first time to address the growing fan rumours and petitions for gay characters in the Star Wars universe.“To me, the fun of Star Wars is the glory of possibility," he says."So it seems insanely narrow-minded and counterintuitive to say that there wouldn’t be a homosexual character in that world.”“When I talk about inclusivity it’s not excluding gay characters," he added. So, of course.”The mounting fan obsession with a Finn and Poe romance was only encouraged by the growing bromance between the two actors, Boyega and Isaacs, who have embraced the idea of a new kind of Star Wars love story.

Isaacs even revealed recently that he was "playing romance" in his cockpit scenes with his handsome co-star in The Force Awakens. A new video posted online by Boyega only added to the speculation.

Boyega admitted that he was looking to the director of Episode VIII, Rian Johnson, for cues as to what direction the relationship will take."I’m looking at the director Rian closely so he can get me involved early, so I can prepare myself. "Yeah baby, go on, give it to me," cries Oscar Isaacs to John Boyega in the fun clip.

We are kidding you not, it's right there on John Boyega's Twitter page.

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