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Most of Google’s revenue comes from the advertising it displays on its own Websites, including the search engine.

The Adsense network is important but produces only a small percentage of Google’s revenue.

If you find yourself in the same quandary, don’t throw in the towel just yet. What you will soon discover is that some niches don’t provide good Ad Sense monetization because of a lack of advertisers, or because the click-through rate and the click values are very low.

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By improving the click-through rate you may make your site more attractive to potential high-value advertisers, but this kind of ad management requires patience, practice, and careful due diligence because Google Adsense does not make it easy for you to manage the advertising inventory that is displayed on your Website.

Arm yourself against making the typical newbie mistakes and read our tips below so that you’ll know just how you can make some good cash off of Ad Sense.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that those who use Ad Sense make is that they throw ads on every type of website imaginable.

But sometimes curiosity gets the better of you, or you may be concerned about the quality of the Website behind the ad.

Is there any way for you to review these ads without getting into trouble with Google? When you log into the Adsense dashboard you can review all the ads that are displaying on your network. Some publishers review ads to determine if they are appropriate for placement on their sites.

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