How to market speed dating

We eliminate the headaches of building and maintaining your own website, dealing with payment processing, creating your own forms, building software and much more.

Your focus will be on marketing and running the events.

It must be accessible, preferably trendy and well-known to your target audience.

Use a convincing letter of introduction to a venue that you’ve identified as the ideal location.

Be sure to use Instagram, Twitter, and even You Tube to help promote your event.* 5.

This should ideally occur between one month and two weeks before the event, allowing your readers long enough to plan for it but not long enough to forget about it. Announcing the event electronically is (generally speaking) free and very efficient, making a large group of people aware of it at a keystroke.Make sure that all your advertising materials explicitly state that this is a speed dating event, when and where it is to take place, and what the crowd will be like (Jewish singles, senior citizens).Also be sure to mention any fringe benefits (food or snacks, gift bags, literature).What our team really likes about the old school way of promoting (passing out postcard flyers) is that it can also become social.We’ve found that we gain many social media followers and it really gets people talking about the event online.

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