Was joe jonas dating taylor swift

"I'm going to save it for a side project, possibly—maybe a B-side," he said. "You marry one, you kill one and you shag one," he reminded the "Toothbrush" singer."I'll marry Demi," Joe said. Earlier this week, Joe and Demi performed "Gotta Find You," from the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie .

(Demi is on tour with Nick.) Days before the performance, Joe told E!

CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY in 2007, saying: "I'll marry Demi, she's a friend." He then went on to clarify that this was just a game, then said he would have a one-time thing with Taylor, who he dated for four months in 2008 until the singer broke up with her over a phone call, which the then revealed in an interview at the time.

While some of their relationships made bigger headlines than others, they have all experienced love and heartbreak.

Take a look back at some of Kevin, Joe, and Nick's former and current flames.

Speaking about dating the pop star, Joe said: "we were children," as they dated when they were both 18.

Joe and Demi remain good friends after dating He concluded that he would "kill Gigi," his supermodel ex-girlfriend.

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